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Tried & Tested Anokha Man Skincare

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Anokha Skincare says men and women are different. Men’s skin tends to have more sebum as a result of testosterone production. They also shave (sometimes), which creates more sources of irritation and sensitivity. While unisex brands are a ‘thing’ right now, they don’t do justice to the differences in men’s skin types. 

Anokha Man has launched with three products: Rice & Hinoki Facial Cleanser, White Tea & Lychee Toner and Sake & Sandalwood Facial Lotion, to be used day and night.

Anokha Skincare was established in 2008 by New York-based, board-certified plastic surgeon Nina S. Naidu, MD FACS. Naidu witnessed an increasing number of significant reactions to standard topical preparations including Bacitracin and Neosporin (over the counter antibacterial ointments), Mastisol (surgical glue for dressings), and even some sutures. The increasing incidence of reactions extends to skincare as well. 

Anokha layers natural botanicals and actives with medical expertise to create award-winning and clinically validated products that are as sensory as they are restorative. Anokha is a Hindi word meaning of Unique/ Different i.e special in some way.

Below – Sake & Sandalwood Facial Lotion – £59, White Tea & Lychee Toner – £49, Rice & Hinoki Facial Cleanser – £46

TheChicGeek says, “I love a Doctor brand, it always makes me feel like I’m in good hands, and the whole Anokha Man range feels natural and gentle – that’s all those quality botanicals. The standout product for me was the rice and hinoki cleanser which smells like Earl Grey tea. It offers a soft and light consistency that washes off easily and leaves skin feeling cleansed without being stripped.

All products come in classy glass bottles. The cleanser mentions a pump on the back, but there isn’t one on my sample?

The toner and facial lotion left my skin feeling lightly tight and clean. It’s non-greasy and feels like you are enhancing your skin rather than masking it.”

Disclosure – A complimentary sample was supplied by Anokha Skincare

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