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Label To Know Standardtypes

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Standardtypes use timeless traditions converge with contemporary creativity. It is a world of modern heritage clothing, meticulously crafted to embody the essence of enduring style. They have a commitment to durability with quality that ensures each piece stands the test of time, ready to accompany you on your fashion journey.

Inspired by a rich tapestry of influences, the designs honor classic, military, vintage, outdoor, and traditional aesthetics. Each garment tells a story, seamlessly blending historical elements with innovative design to create a truly unique and captivating collection.

Their message is to believe fashion should transcend fleeting trends, embracing the spirit of lasting elegance.

Does it work?

At The Chic Geek, we enjoy the casual look that shows you are ready for anything but not removing the style element to your look. It gives a playful work like feel, but carries an air of sharp lines and a great colour palate, making it fit into any daily routine. With the launch of the new collection in Paris, Milan and Seoul (Spring/Summer 2025) the pieces are a must have in your casual wardrobe.

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