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The Men’s Guide to Self-Tanning

If you’re feeling inspired by Love Island remember fake tanning is much safer than tanning in the sun. Men are 3x more likely to get melanoma than women, so if you want to be brown make sure it comes out of a bottle. Over a quarter of British men aged 16–24 have already tried self-tanning, so you’re in great company. Whether you’re looking to get beach ready or to give yourself an added confidence boost, a self-tan may be the best way forward. Follow the step-by-step guide to achieve that even, golden glow. Moisturise: get into the habit early For the smoothest tan application, it’s best to moisturise regularly in the build-up to your tanning session. That goes for your face and your body – but it’s best to use separate products for each. Facial moisturisers are formulated...

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