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LOVERBOY proudly announces “10,” a landmark collection that delves into the timeless themes shaping our universe. Diverging from our previous narrative-driven collections, “10” is a profound exploration of ‘queer time,’ highlighting how queerness redefines our perceptions of gender, sexuality, and the fluidity of time itself.

The design process for “10” reexamines the influence of conventional clock-time on societal norms, expectations, and respectability. The collection blends elements of nightwear and undergarments with formal and outerwear references, challenging traditional dress codes of work and leisure, public and private spheres. Through innovative draping and deconstruction, they want to evoke a sense of constant transformation, reminiscent of clothing hurriedly thrown on and gradually unraveling throughout the day. Details like ringed eyes and tousled hair further evoke a dream-like state, infused with a post-punk edge.

This exploration of liminality and fluidity is complemented by an evocative soundscape, created in collaboration with composer Luca Manning and performed by the Somerset House Studios choir. The piece draws from personal queer experiences and transitions, using an improvisational approach to highlight the voice as both an instrument and a sonic texture.

“10” marks LOVERBOY’s triumphant return to London, the birthplace of the brand, and celebrates their first decade in partnership with Somerset House, the studio home since 2016. This milestone coincides with the opening of their inaugural exhibition, “The Lore of LOVERBOY,” which reflects on their distinctly British approach to style. The collection revisits and reimagines traditionally masculine symbols from military and gamekeeping contexts, subverting and questioning their enduring significance. Iconic LOVERBOY elements make a return with new interpretations, such as the ‘animal familiar’ versions of their signature ears beanie and an oversized, velvet take on the Warholian banana motif. The collaboration with The World of Clash revisits the piercing arrows from SS18, now reimagined with a Saint Sebastian inspiration, and introduces a wedding dress finale inspired by the P.E.K.K.A. character from the mobile gaming franchise.

Dr. Cliff Lauson, Director of Exhibitions at Somerset House, shares his excitement: “Charles Jeffrey was one of the first creatives to join Somerset House Studios when it was established in 2016, and so all these years later, it is an honour to present this body of work as the exhibition The Lore of LOVERBOY at Somerset House. LOVERBOY has quickly become a brand celebrated for its rebellious energy and fierce originality, and I’m delighted that the exhibition will launch with the unveiling of the SS25 collection. Charles has exceptional talent as a designer, artist, and creative director, and visitors will soon become enamoured with his imaginative and playful style.”

Charles Jeffrey Loverboy | Luxury Streetwear

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