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Label To Know Side Story Fragrance

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“When you pass someone in a hallway and get a whisper of their fragrance you have a window into their story. These moments happen serendipitously, but they can reveal so much about a person.” says Muj Rana, Founder of Side Story 

Muj Rana, founder of new fragrance brand Side Story, recalls that scent played an integral role in his early experiences. His grandfather’s Indian sandalwood plantations were the source of the soft, balsamic wood which his childhood toys and trinkets were made from. Today, the woody scent still evokes memories of that distinctive time and place. 

Each bottle of Side Story begins in Grasse, Provence, the only place where Muj felt the perfume oil could legitimately be crafted. The perfumers are Jacques Chabert, Valerie Bessone, Laurent Marrone and Christiano Canali. The fragrances are bottled in Italian glass and sealed with a hand-carved stone lid.

Side Story has launched with six scents: 4pm Matinee –  a green, woody and amber, Hotel Lobby – a green, woods and spicy, Pillow Talk – a powder, citrus and spice, Road Trip – an amber, spicy and woody, Sunday Service – a floral, spicy and woody and Third Date is a spicy, green and floral.

TheChic Geek says,

“This is a very personal project for Manchester hotelier Muj Rana. Side Story is his new luxury side story (or hustle). This has had every little detail thought about from the juice to the bottle to the packaging to the display and it really shows. You can already imagine what the store would look like.

All the fragrances have little stories attached and I really like the floral designed packaging and stone stoppers. The bottle shape also makes them look larger than 100ml. Muj told me he didn’t have a budget on ingredients for the group of perfumers he used, which, to me, sounds very financially dangerous!

Sandalwood is the start for one fragrance, but there is plenty of choice in the six fragrances. I personally liked ‘Road Trip’. It has a fun coconutty/peachy top element but doesn’t smell sticky or immature. It’s something different, easy to wear and is perfect for a warm holiday night. It’s also commercial. It dries down to a white floral.

I suggested to Muj he aims to become Manchester first luxury fragrance brand. It would make Side Story have its own story, being the first of something is always good and also embrace the way Manchester has developed and is attracting so many luxury brands and hospitality. It’s cool.”

Side Story – Eau de Parfum – 100ml – £160 Available at exclusively Liberty

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