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Label To Know Marc-Antoine Barrois Fragrance

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The blue rabbit inside Marc-Antoine Barrois’ London store at 4 Piccadilly Arcade, and the reason the new candle is called No.4

Marc-Antoine Barrois is a French menswear couturier from a family of textile manufacturers in the North of France. He opened his first boutique in 2013 at 6, rue de Budapest in Paris and offers Parisian crafted collections of jewellery and accessories alongside his bespoke haute couture men’s clothing.

After learning patterns, cutting, and sewing while studying textile engineering, he designed his first collection in Lille in 2006. This success then led Marc- Antoine Barrois to collaborate with Dominique Sirop, Jean-Paul Gaultier at Maison Hermes and Jean-Claude Jitrois before creating his own Maison de Couture for men. Offering men what women already have in Haute Couture, Marc-Antoine Barrois designs unique suits, tuxedos, shirts and jackets for confidential clients seeking exclusivity.

Perfumer Quentin Bisch and Marc-Antoine Barrois met in 2015 and immediately created an extraordinary creative partnership – the creation of MARC-ANTOINE BARROIS perfumes.

Childhood memories, shared values and the same love for beautiful materials as well as the respect for a certain sobriety have brought them together around the challenge of defining and redefining new and timeless elegance. B683 was born in 2016. The name is inspired by the asteroid of the Little Prince by Saint Exupery and by the birth date of Barrois who made it his own imaginary planet.

Three years later came Ganymede, a leather-based perfume but just like the planet whose name it bears, it is a new elegance, which is fresh and mineral, just as timeless. Its popularity sealed the fate of the brand. The fragrance encountered great success worldwide and is several times rewarded in the perfume industry, shortly after being launched. ENCELADE was born in 2022, and in turn followed extrait versions of B683 and Ganymede.

TheChicGeek says,

“The Marc-Antoine Barrois name had passed me by in both fashion and fragrance, but, oh my, what a discovery. You could easily walk past the tiny store in Piccadilly Arcade, but look up, and there’s a blue rabbit hanging from the ceiling. At the back is a doll’s house door to open and view his two children’s miniature bedroom. Welcome to Barrois’ world.

His first fragrance, B683, is named after Barrois’ birthday -June 1983 – and was created to give to his couture menswear clients. Robbie Williams’ wife liked it so much she wanted more and the fragrance business was born.

Barrois imagine childlike fantasies like Peter Pan or Alice in Wonderland, hence the blue rabbit, which contrasts with his grown-up couture.

The B683 fragrance feels like grown-up masculinity. Barrois told me he wanted something modern but traditional, something his grandfather would wear, and this feels like a classic from the 70s and 80s in a really good way.

It’s super sexy leathery with a top of whisky. It’s warm, animalic and has no preservatives. It’s masculine while not being overpowering. It’s lothario classy and I love it. B863 could be the modern 2.55 classic of men’s fragrance.

My only negative being the packaging doesn’t reflecting Barrois’ colourful and vivid imagination.”

Marc-Antoine Barrois – B683 Eau de Parfum – 100ml – £170

MARC-ANTOINE BARRROIS perfumes are available internationally at leading retailers and on online at

B683 named after Barrois’ birth date

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