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Founder of Bee&Sons Circular Knitwear Launches New Range 

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Crafted in the United Kingdom by skilled artisans using premium Italian yarns sourced from upcycled textiles, this exquisite collection emerges as a testament to sustainable fashion. The initial offering consists of two distinctive cardigans: Oskar, punctuated by an exclamation mark, and Joey, adorned with a question mark. While originally designed with men in mind, these cardigans have captivated women as well, becoming the epitome of versatile boyfriend cardigans.

True to their commitment to minimizing waste, each piece in this collection is meticulously produced in small, eco-conscious batches. For those who miss the first release, pre-order options are available, with a maximum waiting period of two weeks. Bee & Sons proudly contributes to the recycling initiatives in Prato, Italy, while also bolstering employment opportunities in the UK through our collaboration with local knitting artisans.

The inspiration

The inspiration behind this collection is deeply personal, drawing from the distinct personalities of the Bee sons: Oskar, brimming with humor and surprises, and Joey, a philosopher at heart, forever inquisitive. The colour palette is a tribute to their favourite hues, featuring the vibrancy of yellow and orange. “Finally, we have the opportunity to venture into men’s fashion. The Bee sons persistently urged me to create something that’s both playful and comfortable, but now it seems the girlfriends have claimed them as well. The rest of the collection is still in the knitting process. Stay tuned,” Deborah Bee, Founder, enthusiastically shared.

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