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Gillette Launches Four Men’s Intimate Products

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Gillette Intimate Pubic Hair Trimmer i3 – £59.99, Gillette Intimate Pubic Hair Trimmer i5 – £89.99, Gillette Intimate Pubic Hair Razor – £14.99, Gillette Intimate Pubic Shave Cream + Cleanser – £9.99

Gillette has introduced ‘Gillette Intimate’, a line of grooming tools and products bringing gentle and easy trim, shave, and skincare to guys’ pubic regions. With features designed for ‘down there’, the range includes two new tools, the Gillette Intimate Razor & Gillette Intimate Hair Trimmer.

The new line up comes as Gillette research found that whilst over 80% of guys who intimate groom feel more confident as a result, over 1 in 2 (63%) UK men who choose to trim or shave the region have in fact nicked or cut themselves when doing so.

The studies also found that, in fact, almost a third (29%) of UK men who intimate groom with a razor, currently use the same razor for both their face and their pubic area – and two out of three use the same blade. For those guys using an electric trimmer for the job, 42% use the same one for their face and their groin. Around 30% admit to having used their partner’s tool to do the job. Eek!

“More and more guys across the UK are grooming their intimate area but until today Gillette didn’t offer products with purpose-built features for such a sensitive and complex job,” said Callum Wood, Gillette Brand Director for UK & Ireland. “Pubic hair is often coarser and curlier than elsewhere on the body, and the skin is thinner and more sensitive, meaning guys need to be able to trust the tools their using to get the job done when it really, really matters. Gillette Intimate does just that.”

The activities most men say would have an impact on how often they intimate groom are: sex (69%), a holiday (41%), a date (37%) and going out (28%).

The most common intimate areas that guys shave are the hair above the penis (89%), scrotum (73%) and “shaft” (61%).

The improvements guys report because of grooming their intimate area are also significant:

Physical Appearance: 82% say it improved, Hygiene: 78% say it improved, Comfort: 74% say it improved. 

TheChicGeek says,

“Oh, how times have changed. Big razor brands used to tip-toe around the whole pubic hair area, especially with guys. Often, they would insinuate their products uses while not actually specifying anything. Now, Gillette is finally trying to embracing these areas while the rest of us goes full-on hirsute.

The big question is, what percentage of fashionable guys are still devout trimmers? Much like we’ve become lazy with our faces, the downstairs area has had more than a touch of rewilding recently.

But, you only have to look at nudist pictures to see there are plenty of guys with time on their hands for these smoothing shenanigans, often preferred by partners.

So, what makes these products different from those that already exist or the ones people are using? The razor is probably the most important. The blurb says ‘it is perfectly balanced for comfortable use upside down. The anti-slip handle grip is built for ultimate control in the intimate area, even when wet, for when it really, really matters.’

Men are much more confident in this area nowadays, but, anything that could prevent mistakes or discomfort and is more efficient in such a delicate area – it makes me screw up my face just thinking about what could happen – is welcomed.”

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