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Mantero X Octopus

Octopus and Mantero come together for a collaboration that combines the iconic tentacle design with artisanal haute-couture tradition. Mantero is a family company that has been creating, weaving, printing and producing items in silk and other fabrics of extraordinary beauty and flawless quality since the beginning of last century (it was founded in 1902). Two brands that may seem to have little in common, yet both are characterised by an ability to produce real icons, as well as a focus on products that are 100% Italian from concept to production. Mantero in Como, where talented creatives, artisans and technicians work together on drawing, finishing, printing and hemming. Octopus in its Varese plant, where prototypes come to life and most of the production takes place, and its new headquarters...

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Menswear Product Of The Week The Flemish-By-Way-Of-Suffolk Gilet

I’m off to see the new fashion museum in Antwerp in January and it’s got me feeling for tapestries. Dark flemish style tapestries remind me of the Dries Van Noten collection he did around 2017, and they somehow has this rarefied and fusty country house feeling that looks perfect layered under a nice winter coat or jacket. This is listed as a women’s, so go for a bigger size, but it’s not like to has to fit in the shoulders or arms. Left & Below – Lavenham – Jacquard Big Quilt A Line Mickfield Gilet – £295

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Champion partners with Beastie Boys to celebrate ‘Check Your Head’ 30th Anniversary

Champion are proud to announce a collaboration with iconic hip-hop legends Beastie Boys. To celebrate the 30th anniversary of their hugely influential 1992 album ‘Check Your Head’, Champion has released a limited-edition capsule clothing collection. The Beastie Boys’ multi-platinum third album is considered a milestone for the band. ‘Check Your Head’ was first album to be produced, in its entirety, by Beastie Boys with Mario Caldato Jr. and their first album recorded at the band’s own G-Son studios in Los Angeles. Originating from Rochester, New York, Champion became synonymous with hip-hop culture that was so heavily influenced and led by Beastie Boys. As well as their ever-lasting influence on music, it was also the band’s image that permeated the subcultures of the 90s and continues...

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Label To Know Thorns

Thorns is a sustainable Dutch-based men’s underwear brand  from two founders, one Spanish and one Italian, Francesco La Marca and Diego Parada, using organic cotton yarn and recycled woven labels. One size fits all, and they do their best to have a ‘minimum impact on the life of this planet’. The packaging is entirely made out of paper and it is designed to be fully recyclable. Production is in Italy, focusing on quality and craftsmanship. All Thorns’ steps are driven by the will of not harming the flow of nature, respecting its constant cycle of renovation. Thorns’ latest underwear collection is called ‘Today is Tomorrow’. Thorn’s brand new collection explores numerous themes that are married together by the concept of time. The connection to the...

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Label To Know Castart

At the recent Welcome Edition trade show in East London, previewing the new SS23 men’s collections, I stumbled across the Belgian brand, Castart. Based in the fashion capital of Antwerp, Castart is a colourful and eclectic brand perfect for the chicest of geeks. Launched in 2018, the name ‘Castart’ is French for ‘cheeky man’, because the cheeky man doesn’t tell the stories to others, he writes the stories himself, says the brand. Materials Castart’s materials are sourced from ethically responsible suppliers around the world. They work closely with manufacturers to constantly develop new, environmentally friendly production techniques. Despite their global outlook, they remain focused on crafting garments suited to individual tastes which give their clothing its timeless and...

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Label To Know Harago

India is famed for its embroidery and hand-work. European designers such as Dries van Noten and Jupe by Jackie have long championed the skills and imagination of Indian craftspeople, tailoring the designs and quirky graphics to appeal to western eyes. Label To Know But, a new homegrown, Jaipur-based brand, specialising in Indian embroidery, has hit the menswear scene. HARAGO was launched by Harsh Agarwal in 2019 to showcase and support the artisanal heritage of his native India. Stocked at Matchesfashion and SSENSE, the trained economist, who worked on solar energy projects, and completed an internship at the UN in New York, finds inspiration in the diverse expressions of traditional craftsmanship seen across his country. From block printing, handloom weaving and tie-dyeing to...

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