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Mantero X Octopus

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menswear news mantero octopus collaboration chic geekOctopus and Mantero come together for a collaboration that combines the iconic tentacle design with artisanal haute-couture tradition. Mantero is a family company that has been creating, weaving, printing and producing items in silk and other fabrics of extraordinary beauty and flawless quality since the beginning of last century (it was founded in 1902).

Two brands that may seem to have little in common, yet both are characterised by an ability to produce real icons, as well as a focus on products that are 100% Italian from concept to production. Mantero in Como, where talented creatives, artisans and technicians workmenswear news mantero octopus collaboration chic geek together on drawing, finishing, printing and hemming. Octopus in its Varese plant, where prototypes come to life and most of the production takes place, and its new headquarters in Milan where the garments are designed and developed.

The Mantero artists drew four illustrations by hand – two in black&white and two coloured with watercolours – blending the Octopus tentacles with classic nature-inspired motifs taken from the incredible Mantero archive. Octopus then used the Mantero illustrations and printing techniques to create luxury versions of its classic hoodie and T-shirt styles including silk scarves, T-shirts, hoodies, amenswear news mantero octopus collaboration chic geek Harrington jacket, chinos, and a double-sided silk shirt. The silk garments are printed on both sides using special state-of-the-art printers to obtain a unique effect.

Left & Below – Octopus Mantero Chino Pants – €150, Octopus Mantero Harrington Jacket – €280, Octopus Mantero Hoodie – €150

The Mantero x Octopus collection is available on