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Tag: Nga Nguyen

Label To Know Never Go Alone Luxury Sanitiser

Never Go Alone was cofounded by London-based entrepreneur Nga Nguyen and California-based Creative Director Carl Adelson during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.  While traveling for business in Europe in early March, Nga tested positive for COVID-19 at a time when little was known about the virus. As she was undergoing treatment at the hospital, she and Carl worked remotely to draw a roadmap for the brand and conceptualise the Edition 01 product line. The duo worked remotely to conceive the new experiential self-care brand, so people would “Never Go Alone”.  Despite the challenges posed by the global lockdown and travel restrictions, the team embraced remote working to bring N.G.A. to life. As they worked diligently with a UK laboratory to create the unique...

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