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ChicGeek Comment Farfetch is becoming the ‘Russia’ of online luxury etailers

There’s nothing like kicking a man when he’s down. Multibrand etailer Farfetch was a star that burned big and bright, and looks like it is running out of gas quickly. Following its rescue by the South Korean giant Coupang, luxury group Kering has announced it will end its contract with Farfetch. This means it will no longer supply brands like Gucci, Balenciaga and Saint Laurent directly. BOF reported that Farfetch is trying to access brands such as Loewe, Givenchy and The Row by working with a wider range of third-party boutiques to upload their inventory to Farfetch in exchange for “complete anonymity” to avoid repercussions from luxury brands. This makes Farfetch look like Russia, who, no longer directly supplied by brands, is still able to get what it wants. Reports suggest...

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Comment Bad (Branded) Christmas Trees

Louis Vuitton’s Claridge’s ‘Tree’ We’ve all heard of Bad Santa, but what about bad Christmas trees? Whether Pagan, Christian or anything else, we all except the commercialisation of Christmas. It is the retailers and brands biggest time of the year, most of the world over, and the reason it is called the ‘Golden Quarter’. The designer Christmas tree isn’t new. From shopping centres to hotels to train stations, brands have grasped the opportunity to look altruistic and generous while getting their names out there and many metres tall. The host gets a free tree, usually to a high spec, and the subsequent publicity interest and social media potential of having a ‘big name’ attached to the tree. Gucci’s tree for Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II There...

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Comment: Baked Goods: The New Luxury Entry Product

Gucci Osteria’s panettone tin Once the luxury goods industry’s entry level products, today, consumers are balking at the price of perfumes and sunglasses with some premium brands even touching four figures. In the US, beauty retailer, Sephora has taken to locking up its fragrance section due to rampant shoplifting. A luxury downturn and cost-of-living pressures has made many people rethink these purchases and some are looking for something less pricey, but still with that all important name and branded packaging, especially during gifting season. Baked goods and other edible treats are now the entry products from the world’s biggest luxury brands. Brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci and Prada, through its Marchesi 1824 brand, are all pushing panettones, balsamic vinegars...

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Sabato De SELL, SELL, SELL Sarno (Gucci)

Love it or hate it, there was no denying that Gucci had a ‘look’ under Alessandro Michele. When Kering bravely decided he was for the chop before sales slid too much, stepping into his snaffle loafers was an unknown, Sabato De Sarno. Eight months later and we got our first glimpse of the Italian mega brand’s new direction. What Gucci does is hugely influential. Too often, after a period of strong growth and design momentum, a creative director comes in and does a complete 180 degree switch as though to say everything before it wasn’t right. Tisci did this at Burberry. De Sarno has done the right thing, he’s cleaned it up and made it feel cool but kept all the much loved Gucci tropes running through it. Even some of Michele’s later sparkle. Titled ‘Ancora’ – it can mean...

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