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Tag: Footwear

Forecast Salomon XT-4 OG sneaker drop (Ceeze)

As the seasons shift, footwear trends make their return, transcending brand boundaries. What was once exclusive to the Jordan brand has now permeated across all brands and categories. Surprisingly, Nike’s KD 4 basketball shoe, originally launched in 2011, has resurfaced with renewed vigor. Remember the hottest colorways of the early 2010s? Nike is bringing back that style, starting with the iconic “Weatherman” colorway, set to launch later this year. But as with any anticipated event, sometimes the outcome doesn’t quite match the excitement. Enter Ceeze, injecting new life into the familiar with a fresh perspective. Drawing inspiration from the beloved “Weatherman” theme, Ceeze has transformed the design, infusing it with the essence of Salomon’s...

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Menswear Item Of The Week The Hawaiian Sneaker

Translating to ‘comfortable ocean’ in Hawaiian, OluKai was one of the first footwear brands to be awarded a Certified B-Corp status in 2014. OluKai has been a leader in premium-comfort footwear since launching in the US in 2005 and has now launched a UK dedicated site. Each style is built on innovation and promises comfort from heel to toe. Anatomical footbeds ensure exceptional comfort and a superior fit, with the brand’s ‘Wet Sand Principle’ inspired by the way a barefoot sinks into wet sand. The ‘Drop-in heel’ allows wearers to easily slip closed-toe shoes on and off, whilst paying respect to Hawaiian custom of removing shoes when entering someone’s home. TheChicGeek says, “I’d not heard of this American brand before, but these minimal sneakers are a refreshing footwear cleanser...

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