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Tag: Electric Toothbrush

Tried & Tested Waken Sonic Toothbrush

Waken, the premium oral care brand, has announced its latest product – the Waken Sonic Toothbrush. Building on the brand’s reputation for innovative solutions, it has been engineered to deliver a superior cleaning experience while championing environmental sustainability at an industry-disrupting price point.  A game-changing mix of innovation and eco-conscious design, the Waken Sonic Toothbrush offers new patent-protected ‘Precision-Power’ technology, a long-life rechargeable battery and three cleaning modes. Waken’s Sonic Toothbrush is also eco-conscious. The handle is made from post-consumer recycled plastic, the brush heads are crafted from bio-plastic produced using 100% certified renewable energy, and the soft bristles are made from castor oil.  One full charge supports...

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