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Tag: Autumn 2023

Holbein Men’s AW23 Headwear Inspiration

Holbein is a genius at drawing and painting men. A new exhibition from The Royal Collection, held at The Queen’s Gallery next to Buckingham Palace, showcases a collection of the finest heads of the Tudor elite. Their personalities shine through and they look like people you could have just passed on the street despite being nearly 500 years-old. The statement facial hair and headwear could be 2023 or 1523. The beret-like Tudor bonnets are easily and affordably replicated. Holbein’s portraits show how timless individuality is. £19 – Until 14th April 2024

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ASKET’s Impact Receipt

After 3 years of development, Swedish brand ASKET has launched its ‘Impact Receipt’. Going forward, everyone who makes a purchase will receive 2 receipts: a regular transactional receipt and the an Impact Receipt, detailing the CO2, water and energy consumption for every garment, their packaging choice and shipping choice. A world first concept, it acknowledges the impact of our clothing consumption and helps us track our footprint to stay within our boundaries. As a privately owned, independent company, ASKET don’t operate for short term gains. They want to contribute to a brighter future. One that sees biodiversity persevere. One where they respect the hard work of the people who make the garments...

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Menswear Item Of The Week The Peacock Feather

You don’t always need to buy a new coat to refresh your winter look. If budgets are a bit tighter, a well chosen accessory can update many items in your wardrobe. This affordable pin with a classic peacock feather would be perfect on a lapel or even on the side of a hat. Or both. A simple dandy feather adds a tasteful detail and peacock feathers or ‘Mor Pankh’ are believed to attract positive energy at home and bring financial success. Fingers crossed! Joe Browns – Luxury Peacock Feather Pin – £9

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