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Tried & Tested Thameen London Bohemian Infusion Fragrance

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Inspired by the stories of the Piazza at Covent Garden in the 19th and early 20th centuries when it was a playground for sinful and decadent pleasures, Thameen London, under the “artistic residency” of Christopher Chong, focuses on the lifestyles of the dandies and literati intoxicated with substances for hallucinatory carnal pleasures, immersing into a perversive playground at the cafés and pubs with other social underlings, like the thespians of the nearby Drury Lane and West End theatres.

Remembering anecdotes and historical stories from his PhD research on Subversive Fashion, Sexuality and Semiotics, Chong reminisces, “I’ve always been drawn to the psychoanalytical angle of the subculture and underworld of the dandies and flâneur. I invited world renowned Master Perfumer, Maurice Roucel, and award- winning Senior Perfumer, Alexandra Carlin to concoct the expressive elements of duality between light and shadow, danger and desire with this fragrance.”

Perfumers, Maurice Roucel and Alexandra Carlin, have created a fragrance containing zesty citrus accents of grapefruit and petitgrain fused with juicy blackcurrant and cardamom. Cinnamon underlines the spicy nuance and blend with a bold bouquet of icy and resinous aromatic notes of artemisia, myrtle and longoza. Enigmatic shade of earthy patchouli and mineral ambrostar are wrapped with carnal labdanum and sensual Ambre 83 de Laire.

Roucel and Carlin say, “Bohemian Infusion is inspired by Chong’s visualisation of Covent Garden’s Piazza – a reflection of its past history and contemporary atmosphere. For this we imagine a hybrid cologne in which we redefine the generic cologne structure with unpredictable facets. The result is a rebellious creation – a delightful contraction with a chiaroscuro impression associating both classic and daring ingredients that reflect lights and shadows, energetic flair and playful opulence. Elegant and romantic, yet exuberant and libertine, Bohemian Infusion seduces you without you even noticing.”

TheChicGeek says, “This fragrance has taught me a new word – Britologne, a mash-up of British and Cologne. I’m imagining myself as Nell Gwyn with a perfumed hankie running across the detritus of Covent Garden towards Drury Lane leaving the stench of olde London behind.

This is very green and very wet. It’s a thirst quenching fragrance. This has been formulated stronger than a traditional cologne, yet the urge to re-spritz is there. I would have liked some more of London’s dirtier underbelly there, but Covent Garden has had many lives over the centuries.”

Thameen London – Bohemian Infusion 100ml – £250

Disclosure – A complimentary sample was supplied by Thameen London

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