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Tried & Tested Curaprox Hydrosonic Pro Toothbrush & Toothpaste

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curaprox swiss electric toothbrush review tried testedThe Swiss oral health care brand Curaprox’s Hydrosonic Pro electric toothbrush contains three gentle power levels that can be changed with a touch of a button and can take your brush rotations from 44,000 to 84,000 per minute and will remove biofilm and discolouration whilst being gentle to your teeth and gums. Just to give you an idea of how incredible this toothbrush is, the Philips Sonicare DiamondClean 9000 only has vibrations pulse 31,000 times every minute.

It has a battery power life of more than 60 minutes which aims to last the user up to two weeks and will allow for four minutes of brushing daily.

Left – Curaprox HYDROSONIC PRO Toothbrush – £175

TheChicGeek says “I like how this went straight in with confidence and said it was better than Philips Sonicare, which is the benchmark for electric toothbrushes. Is it better? It’s a tough call and that’s still a massive compliment to the Curaprox. 

I really like the head shape on this, it seems to fit in the mouth really well. And the mini cleaning head is a nice touch. It also comes with a neat travel case. This feels like a quality product and a quality clean. 

The head beeps after 30 seconds, to continue moving around the quadrants of the mouth, but doesn’t stop at 2mins, it keeps going until 4mins, so encourages more brushing.

It’s very Swiss in the fact it doesn’t stand out, or tries to. It just does what it is supposed to do and, yes, I really like it.

curaprox swiss electric toothbrush review tried testedAs for the toothpaste, these are the opposite of Swiss – colourful and fruity. I’ve never seen ‘Gin Tonic’ toothpaste before, or ‘Peach & Apricot’. The consistency is gel-like and they contains absolutely no SLS, no triclosan, and no microplastic. They don’t really foam up and they stay on the head. The flavours are different but not overpowering.

They contain fluoride, which is what you need, but it doesn’t make that clear on the tubes or boxes. If I saw these in a shop this would be the first thing I would look for, and with it not being clear I would take that as not containing fluoride and put them back.”

Left – Curaprox Toothpaste – 60ml – £9.50 

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