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Swatch Bioceramic What if?

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One moment in time can change everything. It’s 1982, and the founders of what would become Swatch are faced with a huge decision – should the new revolutionary Swatch be round or square? Fast-forward four decades, and the fateful choice of the round shape has paved the way for a bright, vibrant, and successful story.

But WHAT IF a square Swatch had been chosen? The new beoceramic WHAT IF? Collection plays out an alternate and fun reality. Swatch is once again challenging the status quo by revisiting the square watch prototype from 1982 to create an exciting new collection bursting with positive provocation and a rebellious streak. The unexpected collection represents a significant breakthrough made possible by Swatch’s innovative bioceramic material. By combining ceramic powder with biosourced materials, Swatch bioceramic achieves remarkable strength and durability to conquer the challenges associated with the unique side of this square design.

Four styles stand out from the Swatch crowd with strong, square edges and 33mm × 33mm case. The crisp dial, case and muted matte grey, green, beige, and black tones take inspiration from the very first Swatch models and reflect design aesthetics from four decades ago, that couldn’t be any more current.

TheChicGeek says, “Who said it was hip to be square?! What if Swatch had gone with a square watch would the world as we know it be completely different? These are clean and minimal and look like mini wall clocks on your wrist.”

Swatch – What if? – £91

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