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Superdry Named Official Partner for Envision Racing

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Envision Racing announces an exciting multi-year partnership with the esteemed British fashion brand, Superdry, commencing from Season 10 of the FIA Formula E World Championship. Superdry is set to elevate sustainability in the fashion world by supplying the reigning Formula E world champions with an exclusive 10-piece capsule range of high-performance products.

Superdry, renowned for its adventurous spirit since its inception in 2003, is now embarking on a transformative journey to minimize its environmental impact and safeguard the future of the planet. This commitment is underscored by the brand’s collaboration with Envision Racing, a partnership that aims to demonstrate that conscious fashion choices can be both stylish and aspirational.

The specially curated kit by Superdry features products crafted from sustainable materials, including organic cotton designed to preserve soil and reduce water consumption. This eco-friendly gear will be proudly worn by the Envision Racing team as they embark on their quest to defend their Formula E World Championship title in Season 10.

However, the impact of this collaboration extends beyond the racetrack. Envision Racing and Superdry are uniting in the Race Against Climate Change™ movement, a shared initiative that reflects Envision Racing’s mission to accelerate the transition to clean, secure, and affordable renewable energy. Together, the two brands will collaborate on inspiring marketing campaigns aimed at encouraging audiences to embrace more sustainable fashion choices.

This partnership signifies a pivotal moment as Superdry takes a firm stance, committing to making fashion a force for good. Envision Racing and Superdry are set to drive impactful change within their respective industries, fostering a collaborative spirit that will not only enhance their own fields but also inspire positive change on a global scale.

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