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Tried & Tested Thameen London Bravi Fragrance

Under the “artistic residency” of Christopher Chong, Thameen London is proud to announce the release of the third fragrance from The Britologne Collection, titled Bravi. It reimagines a Cologne Elixir with more faceted nuances layering over the classical structure of cologne. Bravi’s adventure begins at the opera house, which is the most iconic building in Covent Garden. Perfumer Bruno Jovanovic, says, “The final chapter of the Covent Garden trilogy is all about wannabe divos and a diva. We imagine the idea of creating a Queen of the Night flower fragrance that would be essential to the magic of the performance. “The fragrance has to be extremely sexy, perfect for the evening. Intoxicating tuberose is spiced up with an overdose of ginger and dramatised with a novel walnut milk...

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