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Tried & Tested Ringana Fresh Sunscreen SPF 20

Ringana – Fresh Sunscreen SPF 20 – 125ml – £38.45 Founded in 1996, RINGANA is a pioneering Austrian company in the natural skin care and food supplements industry. The waterproof and nano-free formulation with SPF 20 relies on the natural mineral sun protection filter, zinc oxide. Zinc oxide acts as a natural shield against harmful UV rays, karanja oil supports sun protection in a natural way, curcuma extract regenerates the cells and protects against free radicals and bisabolol and coenzyme Q10 soothes and regenerates the skin. TheChicGeek says, “The ‘Fresh’ element of this, being made from active ingredients, means it has a shorter expiry date – it should last about 10 weeks.  It’s thick, but goes on easily. The size of the product and packaging...

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