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Tag: Personalisation

Tried & Tested New AW23 Eaux Triples Buly Fragrances

Officine Universelle Buly has added four new scents to its water based Eaux Triples collection. They include Madagascar Amber, Maltese Iris, Lebanese Cedar and Eritrean Myrrh. TheChicGeek says, “Buly is all about stepping back in time. The level of detail and volume of products – there are over 140 different types of combs and brushes – gives you the sense of tangible ancient history. You can just imagine Napoleon using the products in the latest blockbuster. The Eaux Triples range of fragrances are water based so they are very light. This is not for the lover of strong and overpowering. They are like colognes, so can be splashed lots and often. My favourite from the new range is Lebanese Cedar. It has a cedarwood note infused with verbena and vetiver. My...

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