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Tag: Made in Scotland

Tried & Tested Ishga Hydra+ Marine Cream Moisturiser

Ishga – Hydra+ Marine Cream Ishga, the made-in-Scotland, certified organic skincare brand has introduced the latest addition to its award-winning skincare collection.  Developed from ten years of expertise in seaweed, science and skincare, Hydra+ Marine Cream is an advanced formula which features multiple molecular weights of hyaluronic acid to hydrate and nourish different skin layers. The formula includes Ishga’s unique Hebridean seaweed extract, rich in antioxidants and sourced from the purest Scottish waters, visibly rejuvenating skin. Prickly pear oil stimulates collagen, brightens, and provides an added boost of hydration. Lus Nan Laogh, an ancient Hebridean healing remedy, has been included for its anti-inflammatory and protective properties.  Nourishing...

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