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Tag: Eau de Parfum

The Merchant of Venice Adds To Accordi di Profumo Collection

One year after the launch of the Accordi di Profumo collection, The Merchant of Venice continues its journey into the world of sustainability, reinterpreting in a contemporary key the most iconic ingredients of perfumery, some of which were already described in the ancient botanical manuscripts of the Serenissima era. The essentiality and olfactory purity that characterises Accordi di Profumo makes these Eau de Parfum wearable individually or combined following the concept of layering, to create a made-to-measure perfume directly on the skin, with its own unique nuances and facets. In 2023, the Accordi di Profumo collection is enriched with 4 new Eau de Parfum of exceptional olfactory quality created in an exclusive partnership with Givaudan, a leading fragrance manufacturer, with...

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