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Tag: Burberry

Splash Or Cash? The Acid Yellow Wallabees

Daniel Lee’s first collection for Burberry has dropped, and, while prices are ridiculous, it has got the fashion crowd looking. When he was at Bottega Veneta he was very good at bringing a new colour – read difficult – into the mainstream. The Italian brand is still milking that green. While the Burberry brand is pushing blue in its advertising, there is also this acidic yellow running throughout which isn’t far on the spectrum from the BV green. These furry shearling Burberry ‘creeper’shoes are very similar to a classic Clarks Wallabee at a fraction of the price. Burberry calls the colour ‘Manilla’, and, in this shaggy length it’s a definite thriller. Clarks’ is more a green yellow and in corduroy like suede with a...

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