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Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY: Exclusive Collection Unveiled at Trading Museum CdG and DSM

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Renowned for her groundbreaking label Comme des Garçons and the global retail destination Dover Street Market, Rei Kawakubo stands as one of the most influential figures in fashion history. Even at 81 years old, the Japanese designer continues to shape the industry. Given her esteemed status and elusive nature, the opportunity to collaborate with her is a rare privilege.

This was precisely the honor bestowed upon Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY, as Kawakubo extended an invitation to him to create a special range for two significant events: the reopening of Trading Museum CdG in October 2023 and the launch of Dover Street Market Paris in April 2024.

For this exclusive collection, the British designer unveiled a series of striking pieces crafted from British wool and Italian cotton. These garments exude a playful charm, featuring Tartan accents, layered canvas, vibrant colors, applique dot patches, and intentionally frayed edges.

Additionally, the range includes a selection of jewelry adorned with Jeffrey’s signature “LOVERBOY creatures,” showcased on brooches, Scottish kilt pins, and dog tag necklaces. These unique creations will be prominently displayed in the “Rei Kawakubo Curates” section of the store, alongside other carefully curated designers and items chosen by Kawakubo herself. More from Loverboy here.

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