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NA-KD puts recycled materials on the board for their 2023 swimwear collections

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womenswear bikinisIn the depths of winter darkness, many start looking forward to the summer heat and beach vacations. While doing so, trying to find the perfect bikini is one of the first step in trying to prepare for take-off. Swedish fashion house NA-KD has decided to become the green option on the market with a large range of zero waste swimwear. 

In 2023, many customers look for earth-friendly swimwear options, such as a bikini from recycled materials. That’s where NA-KD has stepped up to the plate. Amongst other policies, the brand has set a goal to have 100% of their products made more sustainable, including using more organic materials, natural dyes, and recycled materials. By doing so, they are aiming to reduce their absolute emissions by 50% from 2020-2030, setting a clear precedent for the fashion industry.

NA-KD has also made a point to bring the climate action to the processes behind their fashion. When a customer orders clothes from the brand, they are ensured that all packaging is renewable and recyclable. For example, NA-KD uses FSC certified paper for their cardboard boxes, jewellery is wrapped in grass-based paper, and the plastic bags are made from 100% recycled plastic mixed with Biodegradable Organic Polymer (BDP), giving it a biodegradable feature and eliminating microplastics.

7 bikini trends for 2023

NA-KD has decided that quality does not cancel quantity. Instead, they have opted for a wide assortment of swimwear that are all focused on and in line with their climate action program. Amongst their produce range, there are several swimwear trends to be found. Below, we will list the 7 most prominent trends in the NA-KD collection for 2023:

String and Straps

A clear trend shows that less material, more straps is going to be big on the market this year. The straps have various fashionable functions, and go over the shoulder, or down and across the bodice, or are simply tied in big bows on the side. These longer straps can also offer some flexibility in terms of how you want to wear you bikini and can therefore extend the product’s longevity.

Barbie prints

Following along the Y2K fashion era renewal, we also see a lot of early 2000s prints on this year’s swimwear. Bright florals, neon waves, and the like can be found and adds a splash of colour to sleek designs.

Big cat patterns

Cheetah fashion is coming around again. The classic jaguar spotted prints are making a sexy comeback to the beach and embracing feline sensuality. Wear this to feel like the hottest person in the waves.

Retro crochet

A big trend of 2022 was the comeback of retro-hobbies, such as knitting, baking, and crocheting. The trend has inspired the fashion industry as well, through which we see an influx in crocheted swimwear for the summer season. 

Sleek black

Not a year passes by without the sensually sleek black bikini fashion making an appearance. The classic toned down bikini is fashionable at any beach, party, or pool. It is the perfect choice for an elegant summer look.

Bright blocking

Last but not least, bright colours are a go for 2023. Strong colours can nicely accentuate a tan and are perfect for unique mix & match statement pieces or outfits. These pieces also provide a fun and casual look when combined with sorts and a loose shirt.