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Menswear Product Of The Week The Contemporary Blinder Jacket

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must have Laird Utility brown Harrington Jacket

Forget Beaky Plinders, I’m channelling a slimmer and sexier Kim Jong-un, this season. There’s something about all shades of brown right now, it’s become the new men’s navy and is far more available then it used to be. Brands used to tell me they didn’t make brown because nobody bought it. I just hear ‘chicken & egg’. Rich and warm, it suits the autumnal light right now.

Laird Hatters, those of the famed baker boy style caps worn on the mean streets of Birmingham, have a ready-to-wear – ready-to-order? – brand doing the best in affordable made-in-england outerwear. This Harrington – I feel it’s more of a trucker to me – jacket is made from 400g heavy military grade twill, fully lined in blood red, with riveted buttons and double stitch seems.

Surprisingly warm, this cropped shape is a great alternative to a denim jacket and has a rich military red lining that can be seen when you roll up the cuffs. 

Laird Utility – Harrington Jacket – £240

Must have Laird Utility brown Harrington Jacket