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Exhibition V&A DIVA

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DIVA celebrates the power and creativity of iconic performers, exploring and redefining the role of ‘diva’ and how this has been subverted or embraced over time across opera, stage, popular music, and film. Showcasing over 250 objects drawn from the V&A collection and loans from across the world, the exhibition explores the powerful and personal stories of creativity, ambition, and resilience of some of the best-known divas, from opera goddesses and silent movie stars to sirens of the big screen and today’s global megastars. 

TheChicGeek says, “The difficult temporary exhibition space above and in the centre of the Victoria & Albert Museum’s Fashion Gallery is my least favourite. Things just don’t pop here. They really should think about the lighting of the entire space.

This is a headset exhibition where music is played as you are walking around the exhibition. Starting with the operatic singers of the 1830s, through to the Victorian and Edwardian periods, towards the Golden Age of cinema, it takes in the divas of sound and screen.

The labelling in the exhibition is particularly difficult to track. I wish they would just put the information next to the item if there is space.

Upstairs is a who’s who of everybody – not sure Kate Bush would class herself as a DIVA? – and a few men including Prince, Lil Nas X and Elton John.

There is plenty for the Gen Z audience and it will interesting to see whether a few of the more recent DIVA additions stick around – Lizzo, Janelle Monáe.

DIVA is a fun exhibition with plenty of personalities jostling for attention as only a DIVA would do. The music gives it life and video screens continues to illustrate the magnetic personalities of many of these divas.

They’ve packed in the names – can you spot any missing? – but it leaves you wanting a singular exhibition of Cher or Dolly costumes.”

Victoria & Albert Museum – Adult tickets £20, student and under-26 tickets £13

Highlight was seeing Bob Mackie, dressmaker to the stars, next to his creations for Cher
Bob Mackie, dressmaker to the stars, next to his creations for Cher

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