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American Vintage Opens In Hampstead

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American Vintage has opened the doors to a brand new menswear and womenswear space in the London neighbourhood of Hampstead. The store is designed in natural materials and tones, in a nod to the Mediterranean origins of the Marseille brand and its quality materials.

The essence of American Vintage has been celebrated through its collections since 2005. Here, it is diffused into the atmosphere of this 70m² menswear and womenswear store. The design uses wood and terracotta enamel while also leaving space for natural greenery in the store.

This latest store in its London network is just as unique as its predecessors. The brand’s essential materials come alongside new terracotta tile designs.

At the heart of the store is a space with great personality, featuring a till, an exhibition space, a planter but also a sink for welcoming fans of fashion.

Along with the plants, the sink is a way of introducing well-being, which is one of the brand’s values. Customers can take some time out to wash their hands using Marseille soap, immersing themselves in the spirit of AMV.

Spaces have become increasingly lifestyle-oriented and are organised around a space to take a break and engage in natural and lively conversation. Our service goes well beyond fashion advice.

Near the dressing rooms, there is a relaxation space, offering an opportunity for some downtime while enjoying a coffee or reading a book as you try on some clothes. People come to discover the world of American Vintage but they stay to chat.

American Vintage has always been proud to design its stores as places not just to pass people by but to engage in meaningful encounters.

TheChicGeek says, “American Vintage has stealthily built its presence in London, and its easy-yet-smart dressing suits local, neighbourhood shopping in bouji areas like Hampstead. Many people don’t realise it’s a French brand – due to its name – but it does explain the chic and cool vibes of the clothes.”

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